Visual DocBook Editor

With oXygen you can edit Docbook 4 and Docbook 5 documents in a user-friendly and productive way. The publishing tool includes transformation scenarios for producing WebHelp, EPUB, PDF, or plain HTML.
  • DocBook Editing
    oXygen includes DocBook DTDs, XML catalog, XSL stylesheets and document templates so that you can start creating DocBook documents right away in an interface similar to a word processor (WYSIWYG). DocBook documents can be converted to HTML, PDF or PostScript and supports intelligent XML editing, validation, and content completion assistance.
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    DocBook Editing
  • Content Review and Change Tracking
    Collaboration is the key in the success of up-to-date and top quality documentation. Using oXygen the editors and the reviewers can work seamlessly together: they can add comments, see each others changes, search for reviews.
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    Content Review and Change Tracking
  • Content Re-use and Profiling
    An important feature is the ability to re-use the same content for either a new document, or to apply condition profile to an existing document. oXygen lets you create XInclude content references and define profiling condition sets.
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    Content Reuse and Profiling
  • Single Source DocBook Publishing
    Single-Source DocBook Publishing
    With oXygen you can transform your DocBook documents to a multitude of formats: HTML, EPUB and PDF, or even to a feedback enabled or mobile-friendly WebHelp system. Writing a document in DocBook and publishing is now a simple task.
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oXygen-Users Meetup London 2015
oXygen-Users Meetup
June 5, 2015
London, UK
" oXygen XML Editor is the premier text editor for XML geeks, and an indispensable tool for O'Reilly's Production group. My team uses oXygen XML Editor for everything from simple XML editing to Schema validation and XSLT transformations. The digital production staff especially loves oXygen's built-in EPUB support, which eliminates a great deal of the grunt work that is usually entailed in editing EPUB files. The more we use oXygen, the more realize what a powerful tool it can be in digital and XML-based workflows."
Adam Witwer
Director of Content and Publishing Operations
O'Reilly Media