EPUB 2.0 and 3.0 Support

oXygen XML Editor is the first tool which offers support for creating, transforming and validating documents composing the EPUB package.

EpubCheck Validation

The EpubCheck validation engine has been integrated in oXygen allowing you to validate EPUB files from the Project view or, if you open the EPUB file, from within the Archive Browser view. By clicking an error, its location is highlighted in the corresponding file.

EpubCheck validation

EPUB Browser

oXygen opens EPUB files in the Archive Browser view, exposing all their internal files: document content, packaging files and container files. Here you can edit, delete and add files that compose the EPUB structure and save them back to the archive.

ePub file opened in Archive Browser

Editing Files from an EPUB Package

oXygen offers a complete framework that allows you to visually edit and validate XHTML, NCX, OPF and OCF files, all these composing the EPUB package.

EPUB Editor

oXygen comes bundled with predefined templates that allow you to create new EPUB 2.0 and 3.0 documents:

EPUB file template

Out-of-the-box transformation scenarios allow you transform DITA maps to EPUB 2.0. Also, you can transform Docbook documents to EPUB 2.0 and 3.0.

Search Content in an EPUB File

The Find/Replace in Files action allows you to extend the search and look for content in the files that compose the EPUB archive.

Comparing EPUB Files

With the oXygen Directories Comparison tool you can seamlessly compare and merge EPUB files or other ZIP-based archives. They are displayed as directories allowing the usual comparison and merge operations inside them.

Comparing ODF files