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    oXygen XML Editor is the complete XML development and authoring platform. It provides the must have tools for working with a wide range of XML standards and technologies. oXygen XML Editor includes both the development features of oXygen XML Developer and the authoring features of oXygen XML Author, as well as the diff and merge functionality of oXygen XML Diff.

    • XML development
    • XML authoring
    • XML diff and merge

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    oXygen XML Developer is an oXygen distribution specially tuned for XML development, providing the best coverage of today's XML technologies.

    • XML editing
    • XML conversion
    • XML Schema development
    • XSLT/ XQuery/ XPath execution and debugging
    • SOAP and WSDL testing
    • Native XML and relational database support
    • XML instance generation

  • <oXygen/> XML


    oXygen XML Author is a simplified distribution of the Editor, designed for content authors. It offers a large number of advanced XML-editing features and a visual editing platform, similar to a word processor.

    • Structured editing
    • XML Publishing Frameworks
    • Single-Source Publishing
    • Collaboration tools
    • Extensibility

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