Microsoft(R) SharePoint CMS Integration


oXygen integration for Microsoft SharePoint offers an editing solution to all users working with documents stored in SharePoint content repositories. The users benefit of a platform for creating and editing XML documents and publishing them in multiple formats (including PDF, HTML, and WebHelp).

Documentum CMS Integration

New resources can be easily created on the repository or imported from your local machine to the repository using contextual menu actions. The drag-and-drop support allows you to move and copy resources from the repository. oXygen can edit the XML content in a visual mode, similar to a regular text processing application.

Documentum CMS Support

To connect to a SharePoint repository, you need to configure a suitable connection. Find more information about this in the user manual.

Browse SharePoint CMS Using a Dedicated View

The SharePoint Browser view contains several functional areas that allows you to connect, browse, and interact with a SharePoint repository. The SharePoint site structure is presented in a tree-like fashion, providing an overview of the site hierarchy together with actions specific to each node type (sites, libraries, folders). Next to the navigation tree, the content of the selected folder is presented depending on its library's current view. Here you can promote the items you are interested in, by using the provided filtering and sorting support.

Microsoft SharePoint CMS - Open URL Dialog

SharePoint Filtering Support

You can filter the content stored on a SharePoint Repository depending on the columns available for the current library. oXygen allows you to apply multiple filters at the same time to display the items you are interested in.

Managing and Filtering SharePoint Resources with oXygen
Microsoft SharePoint CMS - Open URL Dialog

Browse SharePoint CMS Using the Data Source Explorer

Users can view the properties and status of documents from the repository, check-out or check-in documents, or verify if a document is used by someone else.

Microsoft SharePoint CMS - oXygen XML Integration

SharePoint Support in DITA Maps Manager


You can open DITA maps stored on a Microsoft SharePoint server, modify, check-in or check-out topics or other resources, directly from the DITA Maps Manager view.


The Author Component can be embedded in a SharePoint site as a Java applet. This is a simple and convenient way for you to retrieve, open, and save XML and XML-related documents stored on your company's SharePoint server, directly from your web browser. You can embed the applet either on a site that is located on a standalone SharePoint server, or on your company's Microsoft Office 365 account.

Please note that Microsoft SharePoint support is available only in oXygen Enterprise Edition.

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