Visual TEI Editor

oXygen XML Editor includes TEI DTDs and stylesheets. Writing and publishing TEI documents is very easy with oXygen offering a user interface similar to a word processing application (WYSIWYG).
  • TEI Editing
    oXygen includes the TEI DTDs, XML Catalog, XSL stylesheets and document templates so that you can start working right away with TEI documents. You can edit documents guided by the context-sensitive Content Completion Assistant, easily validate the edited documents and transform them to HTML or PDF for presentation. We cooperate with the TEI Consortium and we are committed to keep the TEI support up to date in future oXygen releases.
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    TEI Editing
  • Content Review and Change Tracking
    Collaboration is the key in the success of up-to-date and top quality content encoding. Using oXygen the editors and the reviewers can work seamlessly together: they can add comments, see each others changes, search for reviews.
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    Content Review and Change Tracking
  • Single-Source TEI Publishing
    With oXygen you can transform TEI documents in HTML and PDF with a single click.
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    Single Source TEI Publishing