Setting up a Floating License Server Running as a Java Servlet

Setting up the floating license servlet.

Apache Tomcat 5.5 or higher is necessary. To get it, go to
  1. Download the Web ARchive (.war) license servlet from one of the download URLs included in the registration email message.
  2. Go to the Tomcat Web Application Manager page. In the WAR file to deploy section choose the WAR file and click the Deploy button. The oXygen License Servlet should be up and running, but there is no licensing information set.
  3. To set the license key, log on the deployment machine, and go to the Tomcat installation folder (usually /usr/local/tomcat). Then go to the webapps/oXygenLicenseServlet/WEB-INF/license/ folder and create a new file called license.txt. Copy the license text that was sent to you via e-mail into this file and save it.
  4. It is recommended to password protect your pages using a Tomcat Realm. Please refer to the Tomcat Documentation for detailed info, like the Realm Configuration HOW-TO - Memory Based Realm section.
  5. Once you have defined a realm resource, you have to edit webapps/oXygenLicenseServlet/WEB-INF/web.xml file to configure user access rights on the license server. Note that Tomcat's standard security roles are used, i.e.: standard for licensing and admin or manager for the license usage report page.
  6. By default, the license server is logging its activity in /usr/local/tomcat/logs/oxygenLicenseServlet.log file. To change the log file location, edit the log4j.appender.R2.File property from the /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/oXygenLicenseServlet/WEB-INF/lib/ configuration file.
  7. Restart oXygen License Servlet from the Tomcat Web Application Manager page.
Contact the Oxygen XML Editor plugin XML support staff at and ask for a new license key if:
  • you have multiple license keys for the same Oxygen XML Editor plugin version and you want to have all of them managed by the same server;
  • you have a multiple-user floating license and you want to split it between two or more license servers.